Inquip supply the market leading Kinder range of belt skirting materials handling products.

For many conveyors the use of belt skirts damages the surface of the belt, leading to premature belt failure. A use of unique belt skirt designs and materials has provided the conveyor industry with a method of containing dust and spillage, without leading to belt wear and damage.

  • The Kinder – Superskirt is a polyurethane replacement to rubber skirting which due to its low co-efficient of friction and pliable moulded section, reduces the pressure on the belt to maintain the seal. Also the non stick nature of does not allow product to build up between the skirt and the belt. Together this greatly reduces the damage caused by friction between the rubber belt and the rubber skirt. There are many cases where the Superskirt has outlasted the rubber skirt and allowed for greatly prolonged life of the belt.
  • There are also a number of methods of attaching the skirt to the conveyor to suit any applications including the “Unistrut” – channel mounted skirt.
  • Skirt designs including double lip and fold-n-seal arrangement provide complete dust containment when coupled with K-Sure Transfer Support.

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