1. Just Announced! Businesses of Tomorrow 2018 Winner

    Businesses of Tomorrow Winner

    Mechanical Equipment Group is proud to announce we have been selected as one of the Top 200 Businesses of Tomorrow - 2018 Winner by Westpac.

    We would like to thank all our valuable customers and team members for your support along this great journey, many more exciting years ahead! 

    For more information about this award and the rewards - visit Wespac's website Here.

    Businesses of Tomorrow Winner

  2. NorthLink WA Project Completion

    Inquip are having a great 2018 & have been involved in a growing number of successful projects!

    We are proud to be associated with the subcontractors on the Northlink WA Expansion and have designed, manufactured & supplied high-frequency concrete consolidation vibration equipment used in the manufacturing of concrete products for this project.

    We supplied OLI high-frequency vibration motors & locally manufactured mobile control systems to enable the contractor to move the equipment around the site with ease.

    The feedback we received was that our products were an economical alternative to the current equipment used and the quality of our solution & products supplied was excellent.

    Our team are passionate about Vibration Solutions - Contact us today to discuss your application.

    View our large range of WAM vibration products Here.

    Inquip NorthLink

    About NorthLink WA

    NorthLink WA has a long-term vision to cater for the traffic volumes associated with a future Perth population of 3.5 million. The Federal and State Governments have invested $1.12 billion in NorthLink WA, which will meet the following objectives:

    • Improve freight capacity, efficiency and productivity;
    • Reduce urban congestion now and into the future;
    • Improve road safety in line with the State's 'Towards Zero' policy;
    • Maximise sustainability through economic, social and environmental responsibility;
    • Improve amenity for the community, tourists and road users; and
    • Create value through affordable infrastructure.

    Commuters, tourists, freight and other road users travelling between Perth and the State’s north currently use the Great Northern Highway, the State’s existing major northern route. While traffic volumes on the highway are increasing, there is limited opportunity for further upgrades.

    NorthLink WA will take the pressure off the Great Northern Highway by shifting the majority (around 80%) of heavy vehicles over to the new route.

    Once all sections are completed, NorthLink WA will:
    • Provide a non-stop transport route between Morley and Muchea.  
    • Increase road capacity to improve journey times and productivity.
    • Improve amenity in local communities by reducing congestion on local roads.
    • Save lives by eliminating four of the State’s top 15 most dangerous intersections.
    • Improve amenity in the Swan Valley for residents and the 600,000 tourists who visit the area each year.


    Northlink  Northlink


  3. Highlighting the Importance of Concrete Consolidation Equipment

    Oli Concrete Vibration

    Concrete is a composite material composed of fine and coarse aggregate bonded together with a fluid cement (cement paste) that hardens over time. Most concretes used are lime-based concretes such as Portland cement concrete or concretes made with other hydraulic cements, such as calcium aluminate cements.   

    Freshly mixed concrete does not compact on its own because the poor fluidity is not able to overcome the internal friction; only vibration can overcome such forces.

    • The surfacing of the air trapped in the concrete
    • The displacement of aggregates, aligning them to one another, with consequent reduction of cavities, conferring them high density and perfect homogeneity
    • The adhesion of the concrete to the bars of the reinforcement armatures or to any internal structural inserts, as well as to the basic anchorages.
    • High mechanical resistance.
    • Low porosity and thus low permeability to water and to aggressive substances contained therein.
    • Absence of cracks within the concrete, in the proximity of the reinforcement armatures’ bars.
    • Complete filling of the formwork.
    • Increase in the life cycle of the concrete.
    • High aesthetic result.

    Oli Concrete Vibration

    OLI offers a large range of vibration and fluidisation products.

    To view our full range of products and read more Click Here.

    Catalogue OUT NOW

    In the meantime, looking to order concrete? Why not try this Concrete Calculator from BGC.



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