We love receiving customer Feedback!

20 Feb 2018

Here at Inquip, we love recieving customer Feedback! Do you have any feedback for us?

Customer Testimonial:

"The service you and your business have provided us in the past weeks has been exemplary.  You have reacted quickly, flexibly and given us a result that we are very happy with.  Our team have identified several other areas that we think we will be able to work with you on in the future and we hope that there will be a long and fruitful relationship with Inquip and Safescape. 

The OEM's that you support should be very comfortable knowing that this level of support to end customers is your standard way of working.  It gels very well with me because we have a similar approach to customer support.

 So thank you again for your help on this project and I'll look forward to catching up with you again the coming weeks to better understand the full suite that [Inquip] offer."

- Safescape

Inquip OEM

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