Bulk Material Handling

Inquip supplies a large range of bulk material handling products.

  • Anti-Wear Elbows

    Inquip supply WAM's Extracurve Anti-Wear Wide Radius Pipe Elbows and Extrabend Anti-Wear Elbows.

  • Anti-Wear Materials

    Inquip supplies the market leading Kinder range of anti- wear materials handling products. To assist with material flow propagation, and reduce the continuous wear to hopper and chute surfaces, a range of low co-efficient friction linings, with abrasion and corrosion resistance, are available for a range of applications.

  • Bucket Elevators

    Bucket Elevators are designed for vertical elevation of fine aggregates and minerals. They boast a sturdy structure manufactured from carbon steel, or 304 and 316 stainless steel, upon request. A large variety of belts and buckets, along with the wide range of options and accessories available.

  • Radius Lift Arm

    Inquip supply the easy to manage, swinging Radius Lift Arm for the feeding of aggregates, sand & various other materials. The radius lift arm has a very wide action range with storage up to 200 m3 of aggregates, sand & various other materials.

  • Bulk Materials Discharge

    Product can be delivered to and from site in a variety of different vessels, from 18 and 25kg bags, to FIBCs, silos and pneumatic tankers. Each has their own difficulty, be it dust, clumping, loss of product, degradation or contamination.

  • Hopper & Accessories

    Inquip supplies the market leading range of WAM Hopper Dust Filters & Accessories.

  • Loading Bellows

    Inquip supplies the market leading range of WAM comprehensive Loading Bellows suitable for a vast field of applications.

  • Magna Wear & Repair

    Kinder supplies Magna-Patch, Magna-Plate and Magna-Skin for the wear and repair of most areas requiring wear protection.

  • Mixers & Blenders

    Inquip supplies the market leading range of WAM mixers and blender products. Creating a homogenous mix of differing products can be viewed in two distinct areas. Batch type or continuous type. Over many years WAM Group’s Mixer Division (MAP) have manufactured a range of different mixers for both batch and continuous applications in a variety of different industries.

  • Storage Silos

    Inquip supply the market leading Silofab range of silos for bulk solids. Material storage for: Ready-mix concrete production, premixed building materials, precast concrete industry, foundries, sludge treatment, cement mills, paint production plants, asphalt plants.