Modquip Tehnofilter


Inquip supplies a large range of Modquip Tehnofilter products.


  • Abrasive Extraction Tables

    OBS extraction tables and TFG industrial grinding tables

  • Centrifugal Fans

    Centrifugal fans are designed for exhaust of air, smoke, dust and other media through pipings for discharge. They still serve as devices for pneumatic conveying material when placed in the discharge performance.

  • Cyclones

    CTF-VIS and CTF-UNI centrifugal dust separator (cyclone) are used to separate large particles of dust

  • Dust Collectors and Filters

    Bag House Dust Collectors, Cartridge Filters and Mobile Filters

  • Rotary Valves

    Rotary valves (TFI) is used as an element of dedusting, pneumatic conveying and dosing in various industries

  • Flexible Pipes

    We offer flexible pipes for wide applications like the handling of air, smoke, gases or transport in a wide range aggressive or hazardous liquids and solids.

  • Lever and Latches

    The switch is a device with its performance and function enables routing of material in the desired direction. It is installed in a gravity conveyor lines and ducts in places where it is necessary to change the direction of movement of the material which will be transported.

  • Pipes and Fittings

    Inquip offers a wide range of ancillary equipment for industrial suction