Centrifugal Fans

Centrifugal fans are designed for exhaust of air, smoke, dust and other media through pipings for discharge. They still serve as devices for pneumatic conveying material when placed in the discharge performance.

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They are suitable for use on machines that need extra ventilation or extraction. The fan casing is made of high-quality steel and painted especially with corrosion paint. The fan is statically balanced and can be curved backward and forward curved blades. The position of the fan may be standard in all directions and in specific positions on request. Centrifugal fans type T-VEU-F and T-VPPG-F are fans with direct drive motor through a three-phase electric motors V400/50Hz. The capacity is in the range of 360 to 47,000 m3 / h.

Centrifugal Fan  Centrifugal Fan

Centrifugal Fan


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