Concrete Consolidation

Oli Concrete Vibration

Freshly mixed concrete does not compact on its own because the poor fluidity is not able to overcome the internal friction; only vibration can overcome such forces.

Vibration Favours

  • The surfacing of the air trapped in the concrete
  • The displacement of aggregates, aligning them to one another, with consequent reduction of cavities, conferring them high density and perfect homogeneity
  • The adhesion of the concrete to the bars of the reinforcement armatures or to any internal structural inserts, as well as to the basic anchorages.


  • High mechanical resistance.
  • Low porosity and thus low permeability to water and to aggressive substances contained therein.
  • Absence of cracks within the concrete, in the proximity of the reinforcement armatures’ bars.
  • Complete filling of the formwork.
  • Increase in the life cycle of the concrete.
  • High aesthetic result.

Oli Concrete Vibration

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Oli Concrete Consolidation

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