Flow Aids

Inquip supplies the market leading OLI range of Flow Aids.

Oli Flow Aids

Why Use Flow Aids?

Any small change in the opening of the outlet, a rough surface, bends, shallow angles, the shape of the container, as well as the particle shape of the material handled might slow down the flow of the product, thus generating waste.

Flow Aids are designed to solve issues caused by design errors or by the characteristics of the powder or granules handled. Moreover, they increase process efficiency and improve plant safety.

Due to their characteristics, many powders inside silos, hoppers, chutes, piping, tanks or any other container will tend to stick to the surface.

Oli Flow Aids


  • Aerator Nozzles
  • Rotary Ball Vibrators - S
  • Combined Hammer Blasters - PJ
  • Continuous Impact Vibrators - P
  • Rotary Turbine Vibrators - OT
  • Rotary Roller Vibrators - OR
  • Hydraulic Vibrator
  • Single Impact Pneumatic Hammers - PS
  • Cushioned Pneumatic Linear Vibrators - K
  • Aeration Pads
  • Air Cannons - PG
  • Cushioned Pneumatic Vibrators - F
  • Vibro-Aerators - VB