Gross Weigher Bagging Machine

Inquip supply Gross Weigher Bagging Machines from the market-leading supplier, Active Weighing Solutions.

AWS Bagging Machine

Robust and reliable, this gross weigher can fill bags with good speed and high accuracy. For example – filling 25kg bags at up to 18 bags per minute (1080 bags per hour) and 50kg bags up to 14 bags per minute – all with better than ± 50 gram accuracy.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Gross Weigher will deliver many years of service with minimal maintenance.


  • EMC 2064 Weigh Batch Processor with

    • Material totalising
    • Automatic jog to weight
    • Automatic in-flight compensation
    • Batch counting
    • Simple calibration
    • Optional
      • Analogue output (configurable)
      • Printer output
      • Communications to computer or PLC using RS232 or RS422/485

    Two position radial feed gate with:

    • Independent main & dribble feeds
    • Easy feed gate adjustment
    • Pneumatic operation
    • Separate pneumatic & electronic compartments
    • Easy access for clean down

    “Bird Beak” Bag Clamp with:

    • Bag detection switches
    • Two hand start
    • Fast bag loading
    • Pneumatic operation


An Active Weighing SolutionsGross Weigher will typically deliver:

  • 25kg bags up to 18 bags/min at ± 100 grams*
  • 50kg bags up to 14 bags/min at ± 50 grams*

* 95% of all weighments will be within the stated tolerance.



AWS Bagging Machine

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