Semi-Automated Bagging Lines

Inquip supply Semi-Automated Bagging Lines from the market-leading supplier, Active Weighing Solutions.

AWS Bagging Machine

We offer bag filling solutions from simple manual bagging systems through to fully automated bagging with robotic assistance.

A key component of a semi-automated bagging is either a Gross Weigher or Net Weigher. Selection of the most suitable weigher depends on a number of factors, including the characteristics of the product being handled and the speed and accuracy of bagging required.

Popular bagging line solutions give outputs up to comfortably 14 bags per minute for the whole process from bag filling, through to closing and palletising.

Higher rates can be achieved. As required bagging rates increase, more mechanical assistance (or automation) is usually needed.

Typical Baggin Rates:
Gross Weigher
  • 25kg bags up to 16 bags/min at ± 100 grams*
  • 50kg bags up to 12-14 bags/min at ± 50 grams*
Net Weigher
  • 25kg bags up to 20 bags/min at ± 20 grams*
  • 50kg bags up to 16-18 bags/min at ± 20 grams*
*Accuracy – 95% of all weighments will be within the stated tolerance



AWS Bagging Machine

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