Advanced Services

Oil Analysis

Oil analysis is a cost-effective method of determining the condition of existing lubricants, helping to extend service life and reduce failure of equipment. Programs can consist of either in-house or external testing which test for four major indicators - base oil degradation, water content, presence of contaminants, and metal or iron particle contaminants.

Energy Audits

Energy consumption can be reduced by up to 40% in some applications through analysing inefficient and poorly designed systems, and by adopting modern design practises. Environmental Sustainability begins with understanding how much energy you currently use, and how you can reduce that consumption to a more environmentally friendly level.

Laser Alignment

Misalignment in mechanical systems such as drive assemblies is a major factor of increased wear and premature failures. Using traditional alignment techniques incorporating straight edges and dial indicators are extremely time consuming, subject to methodology errors and physical limitations. Laser alignment techniques are fast, accurate and remove many human errors from the process.

Vibration Analysis

The predominant technology employed in condition monitoring, and used to determine the condition of various mechanical components, is Vibration Analysis. This non-invasive technique collects vibration data from machines under normal operating conditions, usually around bearing locations, and can help predict service life expectancy and urgency of repairs. Planned and scheduled maintenance is preferred over emergency downtime.


Utilising technical expertise, Techquip have developed comprehensive product training programs.

From the engineer seeking assistance with selecting the appropriate materials or components, a distributor who wants to provide the best available advice and products to their customers, or a maintenance person interested in getting the maximum uptime and service life, we have the solution for your plant, staff and equipment training needs.